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Nikki Fuller – dicke Muskeln!

Abby Marie

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20 Antworten zu “Nikki Fuller – Female Bodybuilder”

  1. imthegrinch sagt:

    i would love being there punching bag =-D

  2. 437thx1138 sagt:

    I’d date a chick that could beat the shit out of you.

  3. wjb4341 sagt:

    Yeah most chicks just nag you – and you can ignore them. Why would these chick bother nagging a guy if they can just kick his ass?

    I do they’re good looking girls …. but getting your ass kicked on a regular basis would get old fast.

  4. rtt382 sagt:

    I’ll only date a chick that can beat the shit out of me!

  5. singleguy25 sagt:

    very sexy

  6. lukepleaseshutup sagt:

    I’ll never date a chick that can beat the shit out of me.

  7. SmackdownVsRawcmpunk sagt:

    jungletails plz put on nikki fuller boxing again

  8. ant1937 sagt:

    Debra could kill most girls. I’d pay to see her and some skinny blonde with e ref that didn’t stop it quick. She’d knock her head off. Actually….most women.

  9. 187fn sagt:

    wow…i never tought i’d see another chick
    make nikki look like a little girl but debra would simply destroy her without a sweat she would toss her around and make her scream
    her puches are xplosive compared to nikkis weak jab

  10. tim101972 sagt:

    Debra is unreal. Her and Gina Davis boxing are the best clips around.

  11. tim101972 sagt:

    wow, Debra could know someone’s head off.

  12. w0033944 sagt:

    I’m a huge Nikki Fuller fan, but Debra Haley is just astonishing! She is (to me) the definition of the word „Amazon“.

  13. yorgo69 sagt:

    these women really turn me on!!

  14. gusto1978 sagt:

    Holy crap, she really works the heavy bag.. impressive, strong left and rights WOW

  15. tim101972 sagt:

    I’d love so see Debra get in the ring and fight some women.

  16. ant1937 sagt:

    Debra is a very good looking beast. She could hammer just about any woman with Nikki included. Imagine her fighting Paris Hilton. She’d knock her head off.

  17. bigpappafreak sagt:

    wow, debra is a beast and very explosive. pretty damn sharp too with those punches, very balanced. nikki is a real sweetheart by the way, never snobby. i love chatting with her on myspace. later

  18. mexican886 sagt:

    wow! the chick in blue would kick nikki’s ass. she’s a beast!!nikki looks weak compared to her

  19. Stepper11 sagt:

    My kinda gals.

  20. wwwhuergatk sagt:

    woooooow, very very strong women. very good video

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